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(Watch and read ) THE PRICE FOR THE ANOINTING  LISTEN YOU CAN FAKE ANYTHING BUT YOU CANNOT FAKE HIS PRESENCE YOU CAN FAKE TO BE ANIONITED BUT YOU CAN'T FAKE THE ANIONITING In our world today , in this our generation so many youths,  Pastors , Evangelist , Prophets , are wishing to have the ANIONITING more especially our youths who are coming up ,no one is ready to pay the price . .. The pastors you are seeing and imitating did not just become the way he is in a day by imitating other men of God they all paid the price . Alot of men in the bible paid the price men like Elijah, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Peter, James, John, Daniel, Samuel, Daniel, Isaiah, Even Jesus  He paid for it. When you keep wishing for the anointing you only waste your time , if am not mistaken you reading this needs the anioniting and wish to move in a higher dimensions where you can make a name for yourself , you desire to speak a word then people fall under the anioniting, you want to speak to demons