Dead to sin (secret sins destroyer of destinys)__Sis maureen orjikalu

Are you really a child of God? 

Are you really born again? 

Have you truly repented of  your sins ?

It so sad that sin has destroyed alot of destinys.
It has taken over the choosen ones , it has taken over those who said they have repented, it has taken over the church.
It has taken lives , it is now master over the church ,  it has taken over our youths, Pastors, Evangelist, Prophets, young ministers .hmmm Lord have mercy .
What has the world turned into .
Sin is now ruling the lives of so many , it has taken over social media .
We also have secret sins that young ministers , Pastors, Christians , born again commits . Such sin has destroyed them . Some are dying in addictions like fornication, masturbation, imorality so many kinds of sins ,  drugs and alcoholism has take over our generation.
Where are the ones who are ready to die to sin . No one is ready for that instead pride has taken over .
So many pastors ,youths, young ministers,  Christians are dying of secret sins but can't cry out because of there reputation hmmm.

Listen don't say because you still see the move of God after your secret sin that he is still with you , that a big lie because he is not .our God is holy and too holy to behold sin .
Read Romans 6: 1-2
It says shall we then continue in sin that the grace may abide Godforbid
Listen you can't keep committing that secret sin of yours and expect grace to still remain with you,   and expect God to still be with you ,  whenever you sin you  send the HolyGhost away and the noise you are making is based on past glory not present because it for awhile.

You wonder why you pray in tongues and still fornicate?
You wonder why you gave  your life to christ and still struggling with addictions?
You wonder why you have prayed several times and still find yourself in sin , in that same deadly act ?
It is because you are not dead yet
It because there is a part of you that responds to sin when it comes.
Sin is very dangerous and the greatest enemy of God almighty.
Until you are dead to sin hmmm you will be free from sin. If u are not dead you can't stop sinning (study Romans 6)
It speaks of total submission to God and being dead to sin .
If you are not dead you will continue in sin .
In verse 7 the bible says a dead man cannot sin and sin has no power over him . Christ was dead to sin that is why he said that sin has no power over him .

You need to die to sin and be totally free from sin .
You are responding to sin because you are not dead . You can fornicate but christ cannot fornicate , you can masturbate, christ can't masturbate.
When you die christ then lives in you .
When you die ,your life will be all about christ.  Hallelujah

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God bless you


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