Minister without Evidence _BY SIS MAUREEN ORJIKALU

Are you not tired of faking His presence? 

are you not tired of preaching the same message and nothing is changing? 

Acts 1:8
[8]But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

The bible says Go into the world and preach the gospel and he shall bear witnesse for you in heaven by the signs he mentioned
In acts 1:8 he said you will be filled with power. Now the apostle was filled with power as the HolyGhost came upon them
When the HolyGhost comes upon you fully
There will be a difference ...
Without the holy ghost those signs will not be ....

How many dead have you raised to show you are really sent by God
How many sick have you raised to show you are sent from God
How many lives have been transformed by you message to show you are sent by God .
What makes you different from other ministers
How many crippled have you raised through the back up of heaven
How many have you laid hand on the they receive the HolyGhost
When last where you preaching and the HolyGhost fell on people, on someone

We preach empty messages without the power and the fire .
The bible says he will baptise you with the holy ghost and fire
Where is the fire you are exhibiting,
What is the evidence that the fire has come upon you
What is the proof that you are baptised with the holy ghost and fire .

In my understanding, fire has no respect for anyone or anything, it burn whoever it sees and you cannot be around dire and not feel the heat .
How many have felt the heat of the fire in you ...
How many  ? Are you just bearing the title Apostle for bearing sake
Do you know what the apostles did
Do you know the sacrifices they paid
Do you know how many hours They spent in the place of prayer. ......

It says these signs shall ...
That means there are different signs
Even if the fake pastors are faking miracle, when you come out because an instruction has been made and there is a back up in heaven , the miracle you perform through the Spirit and his grace will be different.
The miracle will convert more souls to the kingdom while the fake will not .....the miracle will convert souls because the atmosphere is radiating with his presence,
Because the spirit that performs the miracle is still present and it can't live until it convert souls and you will not remain the same ....
Are you really filled with the HolyGhost .....
What are the signs .......
Go back to God and stop being in a rush for power ,GO and tarry in the place of prayer and be fill with the holy ghost, when the HolyGhost is absent the power is absent. ....
Study mark 16:15-18
Have you not heard ?
He make his angels spirit and his ministers a flaming fire
If you are a minister and not on fire you are not his products...
You become fire by the Baptism of the HolyGhost

If there is no evidence sir , go back to the secret place and tarry
Press more for the fire

God bless you all 


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