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What is the gospel? ____BY SIS MAUREEN ORJIKALU

 We have always heard and preach the gospel, but what is the meaning of the word gospel and why is it so much important to God the father , son and the holyspirt ? Why did Jesus christ tell us to go to the world and preach the gospel? Let find out What is the meaning of the Gospel? The Gospel is the revelation of Jesus christ It is the teaching of Christ Jesus. Why is the Gospel important to The Blessed Trinity ? Because for this  purpose christ came to die for us .the gospel reveals the mercies and grace of God to men . The gospel tells men that they are forgiven of there sins and are saved . It is good news when you tell the world that Jesus has paid the price for our sins . So Christ told us to go to the world and preach the God News that his son has paid the price . The (Godspel in old English) Gospel put us right with God . It is important because when we ask for mercy through the knowledge of the word of God which is the scripture written in the bible and pre